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06-04-04: Sorry guys... it's been hard to get around these days. Tripod has become such a handful!! But I've got some new stuff, if you can believe it!!! Some icons that need posting and a few Harry Potter themed backgrounds to honor the opening of movie 3 today! (go snape)!

I've just discovered that almost all of our email in the contact pages are completely dead, angelfire and lovewitch both died on us. The group email of --- ---- can still help though, so you can email her until I can get the newer list fixed... if you've mailed it in the past with no reply, try again, I just reactivated the account... hehehe... ok back to work and the new stuff should appear later tonight.

12-18-02: New generic backgrounds! Starry Lines of various colors.
Sailor Mars has transparent images.
Jupiter has transparent images.

11-21-02: Underlord here! Happy birthday Zero, enjoy being 23 (geezer). Anyway, working on uploading new stuff.
-New neptune banner, just one for now.
-FINALLY moved some BGs you can now find all the finalfantasy backgrounds thumbnailed and cleaned up, on our new page. just click the same old link on the index.
-Moved the moon-heart generic bgs.
-Got rid of some old broken images and dead links in the generic area.
-Mercury has transparent gifs! I've been trying to explain that for a while, so now you are free to use all of these you like. Don't forget to save them to your own area. It's not much to look at, but it works.

8-29-02: I'm in the process of moving the bgs to another page. They will still be part of red princess, don't worry. But it will allow me to go through them a little better and give a better organization. Also... since TRIPOD just ripped 25 megs of space from us, it would give RP more room to expand. (*whisper* maybe put up some layouts)

7-30-02:YO! Under lord, here. Little Lita, you asked, so there are more SailorMoon buttons up for grabs, one or two new villain buttons too. I removed some of the nasty ones, and I also remade a few. Added a beryl banner and background. Sailormoon Backgrounds have a few new unsorted ones.
-Silly Goose, you wanted more backgrounds of anime stuff, well 3 new Ah, my goddess bgs just for you have been added, 2 new anime backgrounds have also been uploaded.
-Just added six FF backgrounds, and several more FF buttons. They seemed a little fuzzy, so I am going to blame that on my editor's image compression. I'll probably spend the rest of the day trying to figure that out...
- Cleaned up the updates page a little.

7-25-02: Alright, I've been making minor updates to the nav here and there. Also, I'm going to be seeking out and fixing those broken images I created last weekend. AND I will attempt to fufill all the lovely requests we've had in the guestbook since we opened. If I do anything major or add a lot of stuff I'll be making another update. Feel free to contact us with suggestion, or requests.

7-22-02: For all you final fantasy fans, I have added no less than 15 brand new backgrounds to the FF (bordered) stuff. And they are better than the old ones we had. Also fixed a link on the main page.
-I had forgotten about the FAQ completely, so now I've added some more questions and feel free to ask yours.

7-17-02: I'm going to have to arrange the update page... it's a mess!! Under lord speaking. The anime banners have been fixed and new bottom nav installed. New anime banners just added! I'll have to divide the page up... the scrolling/loading SUCKS!

7-7-02: Wow, july... Ok well the under Lord here. I am sssssssssooooooooooo very sorry to anyone who wanted villain stuff. My email at the blackvault was so spammed I had to murder it with an axe. Anyway, I have since gotten a new email go look, don't be afraid to ask for banners. I also checked the mail for anyone else who wanted banners, a couple people did last month, so I just filled the requests. We're still kicking! Just not very much...
-- Oh, btw, any broken banners in the anime section is me clearing out the bad ones to be replaced with better ones, later. If you find a busted image anywhere else, I've been pruning a lot of dead wood, It will all be replaced, don't worry.
-- Clearing the crappy images from the dump (a place we keep unsorted images we make) there were a lot of banners and backgrounds in there.
-- Tripod officially changed our space and bandwidth, something we had been waiting for and part of the reason for the delay. We now have 20 megs instead of the 50 we agreed to, fortunetaly we had only used 10. Also we have bandwidth to worry about now, so I'm going to be changing the name of the background directories. And clearing some crappy stuff too, so of course, broken links...

4-2-02: - The Under Lord here for an update. I'm cleaning up some directories. Will be adding more soon... I'm (personally) not happy with the layout. But it's a large site so I'll see what can be thought up before changing anything. I also checked the mail for requests and questions. More Mercury and Jupiter banners, I also redid the navigation on the moon banners area. Touched up a few other things too.

1-1-02: - Added new moon villain backgrounds from TILE.
12-31-01: - added 2 more FF bordered bgs, and some new mercury banners.
12-30-01: - Check the email, answered some requests. We got a few emails that didn't have any message to it, just a subject line if that was YOU, please let us know.

09-01-01: - FF tiled bg section. Added a few donated moon tiles. Added generic lines to tiled bgs.

07-17-01: - Anime banners, moon banners, moon villain backgrounds, moon villain banners and anime bordered bgs.
07-12-01: - New anime buttons, sm villian banners, moon backgrounds and banners.
07-5-01: - Sakura and Ah! My Goddess banners. You'll also find other animes in it's own section for speed.

05-23-01: - Updates to the moon section, everywhere.
05-13-01: - Added a new Set from Aerith.
05-08-01: - There have been updates to everything, and I mean everything!!

04-18-01: - now there are anime banners and buttons.
04-17-01: - Added bordered backgrounds to generic. Also added the FF bordered bgs.
04-14-01: - Final Fantasy directory finally up! FF banners and buttons!
04-11-01: - new SM banners, backgrounds, new set added and directories made for senshi.
04-03-01: - Added moon bgs and separated the sm bordered bgs.

03-30-01: - Villain buttons and villain Mail Me buttons.
03-15-01: - moon banners, backgrounds.
03-04-01: - Terra Eclipse gave us Mamoru stuff. New banners, buttons, email me buttons. Oh and bordered backgrounds.

02-26-01: Our member TILE, aka the Evil under Lord has given up her free stuff and has donated all of her villain page stuff to us!
02-21-01: More generic bgs and banners.
02-09-01: Added sailormoon backgrounds, banners, buttons. Added uranus, saturn banners. The sailor moon corner layouts have been started.
02-05-01: Added generic banners.
02-04-01: 3 pages of generic tiles. 1 page of Moon tiles.

01-31-01: Added Moon buttons, banners and the supply dump.
01-12-01: Playing with the navigation.
01-08-01: Added entire site index.
01-07-01: Added updates page.

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