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Want to ask a question? Ask a question, and we'll answer you... eventually... You may also leave FAQ questions in the guestbook.

Are your graphics free?

    Yes they are! You can use as much of our free stuff as you want. However we would like a link back to our page. A text link somewhere would be just fine. ^^

I'm having trouble trying to download your stuff, will you help me?
    We sure will! Just give us an email about what you are trying to get and we'll help you as much as we can.

I don't know how to put words on your blank stuff, can you do it?
    Yes, we can. Email one of us with the banner or button you want AND what you want it to say. When we check the mail you will be sent an attachment with your request. Please be patient, some of us are better at checking their mail than others.

Can I get some of your backgrounds or anything else in another color?
    Yes, just tell us which item you would like changed and what changes you would like. We'll send it to you as soon as it's finished. ^^

Some of your stuff looks bad, or doesn't work on my site. What do I do?
    We would very much like to know about any problems like this. Please leave a guest book message or email one of us. Tell us: What item you were using, what is wrong with it, or what doesn't seem to work. We'll fix it ASAP!

Can I make a request for a totally new image? Or for a character you don't have?
    Always! We like to keep expanding and want to know what everyone uses the most. However, all requests, go into the public files in one form or another. Unless your images is super special or personalized in some way.

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