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Misc. Graphics

Here is the area to find Misc. stuff that is not anime/manga/genric related free stuff. We're still not sure how we're going to divide it up yet. SO far, just click on what kind of free stuff that you want and see if the mis. stuff that you wanted is there. Don't be afraid to request something. Any troubles, please email us.

Banners: Free advertising banners, title banners, or what ever else you would need a 60x400 image for. We'll even put words on it for ya!

Buttons: Buttons are useful on your pages. These can be used for "email me," your navigation, linking to your page and a number of other ways!

Tiled Backgrounds: Small and fast loading backgrounds. Used in table layouts like this one.

Bordered Backgrounds: Left bordered backgrounds & background sets for your page.

Corners: Cornered layouts keep the image in one corner of your page, easy to use and fun to have, go check them out. Nothing here yet!

Layouts: Duh?

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